Dec 2013-Feb 2014

PIRACY COLLECTION READING ROOM, 6 Dec 2013 - 13 Feb 2014 Grand Union, Birmingham www.grand-union.org.uk

Putting the books on the shelf

PIRACY COLLECTION READING ROOM EVENT: PUTTING THE BOOKS ON THE SHELF. With archivist Karen di Franco at Grand Union, 25 January 2014, 1 - 4pm

CNEAI, Centre National de'art

Salon Light#10
Please pass by if you happen to be in Paris this weekend.
Salon Light#1005—06 octobre 2013
night of Octobre 5th Saturday from 7 pm – 7am.
Gymnase des Pyrénées, 296 Rues des Pyrénées,
75020 Paris

The Showroom, London

A Day in the Courtroom
In a performative debate  three guest lawyers will use their different legal backgrounds to explore concepts of legality, illegality and the nuances in-between assessing selected cases from The Piracy Collection.

Lionel Bently is the Herchel Smith Professor of Intellectual Property at the Universityof Cambridge and author of several books about Intellectual Property including“Copyright and Piracy, An Interdisciplinary Critique”.

Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento is a New York based artist who practices art law (The Law Office of Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento) and runs the Art and Law website Clancco.com.

Prodromos Tsiavos is legal project lead for Creative Commons England, Wales and Greece, advises the National Documentation Centre / National Hellenic Research Foundation and runs CIMPA (Creativity: Models for Innovation and Access).

Entry £3. Please pay at the door.
The Showroom
63 Penfold Street
London NW8 8PQ


BOOKS OF THE SHIPS, at Oslo10, Basel Switzerland 15 November 2012 - 5 Jan 2013 Open laboratory November 16 and 17, 2012, from 2 pm In this open lab situation we will examine and exchange experiences, questions and participant research on subjects as copyright, authorship, and alternative distribution methods. The open laboratory will be held in German and English. Interested participants from all disciplines (art, design, law, media, etc.) are very welcome!

instant publication
invited by Shannon Gerard

24hr Residency– ArtMetropole, OCAD Toronto

Party's Over
is a publication, developed, printed and launched at ArtMetropole within 24hr by students from Ontario College of Art and Design's new publishing strand. Copied at OCAD and printed in pink and brown  by JP at PaperPusher, Toronto's top Riso print studio the publictaion is a response to - or extension of - my recently published book (pause) 21 scenes concerning the silence of Art In Ruins. (Occasional Paper, London)
The camp fire on the pict is a work by Shannon Gerrard, who also installed a tent in the art college zine library which served as temporary editorial office. She also drove us around town in her van Carl Wagan,  a mobile gallery, printshop, studio, library, reading room, classroom, and community project.

the Convention Vancouver

Eva Weinmayr (pause)

Institutions by Artists

October 12 – 14, 2012
Goldcorp Centre for the Arts
Simon Fraser University
149 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, Canada

Institutions by Artists is a three day, international event that evaluates and activates
the performance and promise of contemporary artist-run centres and initiatives.

Convening a world congress of artists, curators, critics, and academics, Institutions by Artists will deliberate, explore, and advance the common interests of artist-run centres, collectives, and cultures, creating a catalyst for new as well as divergent assessments and perspectives on such phenomena today. Using experimental formats, performative frameworks, and participatory vehicles, the three day series of events is designed to challenge and generate new thinking about artist-run initiatives globally, examining their many dimensions whether urban or rural, fixed or mobile, and local or regional, among others. Inspired by the many artists wrestling creatively with building, using, shaping, and deploying institutions by artists, we will explore economies of exchange and knowledge; institutional time and space; as well as intimate and professional networks, among other critical interrogations.

download programme pdf
Institutions By Artists

Steirischer Herbs, Graz

Dan Perjovschi

Truth is Concrete
21 – 28 Sept 2012
Steirischer Herbst, Graz Austria

Truth is Concrete is a 24/7 marathon camp on artistic strategies in politics and political strategies in art.“Truth is concrete” is what was written in big letters over Bertolt Brecht's desk in his Danish exile – quoting Lenin quoting Hegel quoting Augustine. "We take the possibility of concrete truth as a working hypothesis and look for direct action, for concrete change and knowledge. For an art that not only represents and documents, but that engages in specific political and social situations – and for an activism that not only acts for the sake of acting but searches for intelligent, creative means of self-empowerment: artistic strategies and tactics in politics, political strategies and tactics in art."

Curated by Florian Malzacher and Anne Faucheret, Veronica Kaup-Hasler, Kira Kirsch

SALT Istanbul

The Piracy Project
5 - 31 March 2012
SALT Galata, Istanbul

One day, everything will be free

a long-term research project by Joseph Redwood-Martinez

At first, it sounds like a utopian promise; on second thought,
we realize there couldn't be anything more terrifying.

The seemingly indispensable tools we use daily for social networking and online communication—even non-commercial cultural production and collective organization aimed at challenging authoritarian regimes—are all increasingly provided to us for free. In fact, many of the largest and most influential companies in the world are beginning to profit more from giving certain things away than from charging for them. Perhaps this growing flood of gifted goods and services implies that eventually, for someone, somewhere, everything will one day be free. But in any case, it becomes increasingly obvious: we're not paying for it because we're not the customer, we're the product being sold.

Critical engagement with gift economies, open culture, intellectual property, and immaterial exploitation is not so new or unfamiliar, but the very real effects of these concepts are changing the way cultural practice is structured and how the once paying audience is now being enticed to remain involved, to keep giving, or to pay in other ways.

But how are these new economic structures and their fundamental contradictions understood by cultural producers and social activists? How should we engage with and situate ourselves in relation to systems that facilitate the free exchange of information, ideas, and affects, yet simultaneously operate as structures of subjectification or mechanisms of corporatized social responsibility? Perhaps we could just start with a question a little closer to home: SALT is free, but at what or who’s cost?

“One day, everything will be free” is a long-term research project aimed at opening up questions about the economics of cultural institutional practice that in part stem from SALT being a bank-supported initiative partially located in the former Ottoman Bank. In order to encourage conversations about support structures for contemporary cultural production in Turkey, and to engage with cultural producers and audiences as they respond to and understand these structures, the dispersed research project will develop indefinitely with and through the participation of diverse publics and interlocutors.

Aiming to learn from and point toward the range of projects and proposals that have already set this line of inquiry into motion, this project began and will continue through a series of conversations with a group of collaborators who are already doing work in and around this topic. Initial conversations with Ismail Erturk, Goldin+Senneby, Regine Basha, Celine Condorelli, Annika Eriksson, Burak Delier, Katya Sander, Elmas Deniz, and Carey Young shaped the structure for the research project—several of these conversations have been transcribed and published on SALTonline.com—and throughout 2012, these and other collaborators will be invited to give lectures, presentations, or produce new work within this framework.

Caleb Waldorf, Laurel Ptak, Ozgur Uckan, Eva Weinmayr, and Matteo Pasquinelli have been invited to give lectures and research presentations for a program titled FUTURES AND OPTIONS, scheduled for March 15th and 16th at SALT Beyoglu. These presentations will allow us to hear from a range of protagonists who have variously engaged with the topics under consideration in this project. This program will also provide a setting to invite the range of responses that will carry this project forward.

"One day, everything will be free," consists of a series of projects that will continue to look at the varied and conflicting legacies and implications of free economies, the recent turn within the field of cultural production toward reengaging with dormant economic imaginaries, and the changing relationships between what is privately owned and publicly shared in society.

The continually growing reader for this project is available here.

New York Art Fair

The Piracy Reading Room at the New York Art Book Fair, MoMA PS1, 2011

Today's Question series

Cult of the Difficult
11 May - 3 June 2011
Metropolitan University
42 Commercial Road, London

with Jeremy Deller, Langlands and Bell, Cathrin Bertola, Lothar Goetz, Andrew Grassie
a collaboration between Metropolitan University, Whitechapel Art Gallery and Government Art Collection, curated by Habda Rashid and Susanna Bianchini

The Showroom, London

(pause) 21 scenes concerning the silence of Art in Ruins

8 December 2010  7–9pm
The Showroom
63 Penfold Street
London NW8 8PQ

The Showroom, London invites you to join Eva Weinmayr for an evening of performative readings of her book (pause). With readings by Eleanor Vonne Brown, Francesco Pedraglio, Sara de Bondt, Neil Chapman, Anja Kirschner, Douglas Park, Fatos Ustek, Emanuel von Baeyer, Antony Hudek, Stewart Home, Emma Edmondson, Hilary Koob-Sassen, John Moseley, Magda Fabianczyk, Mary George, Caterina Riva, Wayne Daly, Clive Phillpot and Pieternel Vermoortel.

Weinmayr's latest publication is part of a series of interventions around the (temporary?) disappearance of the English art collective Art in Ruins from the art world.

This book launch is the first in the UK following others at Zacheta National Art Gallery Warsaw, KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin and MoMA PS1 Queens

I Wonder What the Silence Was About

I Wonder What the Silence Was About, 28 June - 29 August 2010
Zacheta, National Art Gallery Warsaw
installation shots marek krzyzanek (C)  review in Dziennik

I Wonder What The Silence Was About
is a body of work speculating on the (temporary?) disappearance of Art in Ruins. Formed in 1984 by Hannah Vowles and Glyn Banks, this English collaborative art practice was active in the London/Berlin art scene. After a distinct political and artistic practice they fell silent in 2001.
Their silence is booming and makes their critique not even more powerful but open to speculation, leading me to talk to numerous people, who worked with the two artists in the past. These interviews form the basis of a series of short films and a hypothetical play.

with Ed Baxter, Resonance FM, London / Vera  Büchlmann, artist, Munich / Emma Dexter, Timothy Taylor Gallery, London / Stephen Foster, John Hansard Gallery, Southampton / Rene Gimpel, Gimpel Fils Gallery, London / Justin Hoffmann, Kunstverein Wolfsburg / Michael Hofstetter, artist, Munich / Stewart Home, artist, London / Robin Klassnik, Matt's Gallery, London / James Lingwood, Artangel, London / Douglas Park, artist, London / Jane Rolo, Book Works, London / Heinz Schütz, critic, Munich / Stefan Szczelkun, artist, London / Christoph Tannert, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin / David Thorp, curator, London / Ingeborg Wiensowski, critic, Berlin / Thomas Wulffen, curator, Berlin

motto berlin
at A Work A Day

Downs, 2009, HD video, 1:00 min, colour, sound, single screen projection, anti-vandalism paint on paper, installation view in the exhibition:
A Work A Day
, 22 July 2009, MOT International London

Publish and be damned at Ludlow 38, New York

THE NEWPAPER at Publish and Be Damned archive at Ludlow 38, New York, 2008


THE NEWPAPER, first edition, edited by Eleanor Brown

Contemporary Art Museum St Louis

"Eva Weinmayr", The Front Room, Contemporary Art Museum St Louis, 2008

Alfonso, Cristina, Giselle,J ulia, Magda, Malika, Pola, Romana; camera Stan

First Sketch: Rumour as Communicative Sculpture, London, February 2008

Celebrity Death Match

Celebrity Death Match : BORIS versus KEN
Itchypark V, curated by Eleanor Brown, Emily Wardill, Limehouse Townhall, 2008


Frozen Waves - new work for Yama
Babak Ghazi, Mustafa Hulusi, Paul Snowden, Mark Ttchner, Eva Weinmayr
curated by Michelle Cotton and Sylvia Kouvali
6 Sept 2007 – 4 Nov 2007

4’13”  video, colour, silent
directed by Sylke Rene Meyer

“The captain addresses the crew, which is longing to come home. She is anxiously trying to get a message across. It’s night-time. Stormy weather. No terrestrial channels, but digital waves, a public service announcement to all travellers – nous sommes embarquès at the blue bus. The message cannot be heard. What is the content? What is spoken? No further information is provided. The message board is about to blow… up. Once in a while the captain comes through hurtling down 400 ft to certain death and wonders: What does it all mean?” 


Eva Weinmayr, a public reading of  "He Said Yes, He Said No" by Bertolt Brecht at Junction Cafe, London N19, Thursday 15th Nov 2007

    wifi-Eva Weinmayr - performnce lecture - Broadband

Document: Scoop: the man ate the ticketman (1013 kb)


Love Your Voice / recording studio at Matt's Gallery, London 2006
scoop No 3: The Man Ate The Ticket Man 


African Boy

Book launch

Invite for booklaunch of "Suitcase Body Is Missing Woman", 15 Decemer 2005, Book Works, London

Book launch Book Works, London

Douglas Park and Diana Stone reading "VOICE PIECE" by Eva Weinmayr at the launch of "Suitcase Body Is Missing Woman" Book Works December 2005

Document: Douglas&Diana (894 kb)